Background on Telescope

What is Proposed?
The top of the telescope will be approximately 100′ higher than the summit. It’s base will be dug out 5 stories deep.

Why Oppose the Telescope?
Haleakalā National Park Superintendent Marilyn Parris said the park opposes a proposed solar telescope on the sensitive Haleakalā summit and called a draft environmental impact statement on the project inadequate. Read more

Somehow, I feel like the fox is in the chicken coop, asking the chickens when they want to be eaten; because I would rather have this project built in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, or California, rather than here on Maui.

That’s one of the problems that we have here on Maui being the best place for everything. So right now we find our local people in a pickle, not being able to even get housing, leave alone the lands. And so we have homeless Hawaiians here, and we have the federal government supporting a project such as this. And as worthy as it may be, there’s a complete disregard from the federal government for supporting the needs of the Hawaiian people and including the rest of the community over here on Maui.

The impact on traffic is going to continue, the impact of construction is going to continue, the degradation of our cultural sites will continue. I just returned from a hearing where more cultural sites are being destroyed under the name of private ownership and private ownership rights.

Now we have ceded lands, and I believe they are 5F lands; is that correct? In other words, another word for ceded lands is stolen lands, and it belonged to the Hawaiian people. And yet, there’s a continuous degradation in both the Hawaiian students, our Hawaiian culture, our Hawaiian elders, and the basic community fabric of our Hawaiianness.
Ed Lindsey

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